Jim C. Nasby

12601 Oro Valley Trl.
Austin, Texas 78729

Phone: (512) 569-9461
Email: jim@nasby.net

Professional Objective

To play a vital role in the architecture and design of databases, especially in complex or otherwise challenging applications.

Database Skills

General Architecture: Design of object model and schema with an emphasis on ensuring data validity and integrity (expert).

Oracle: PL/SQL (expert), Performance tuning (intermediate), Administration (intermediate).

PostgreSQL: Development (expert), Performance tuning (expert), Administration (expert).

Microsoft SQL Server 2000: Stored Procedures (intermediate), Performance tuning and monitoring (intermediate), Administration (beginner).

IBM DB2 (version 7): SQL Stored Procedures/UDFs (advanced), Performance tuning and monitoring (advanced), General installation and maintenance of DB2 on Windows, Linux, and AIX (intermediate).

Sybase 11: Stored Procedures (advanced), Performance tuning and monitoring (advanced), Administration (advanced).

Embedded Databases: PointBase, JDataStore.

Computer Skills

System administration: FreeBSD (expert), Linux (advanced), Windows (intermediate), AIX (beginner).

Languages: SQL (expert), shell (expert), Perl, PHP, Visual Basic (intermediate).

Employment History

Senior Engineering Consultant
Pervasive Software (http://pervasive.com) (Austin, Texas)
August 2005-Present

Technical expert on PostgreSQL. Provide consulting and support services for internal and external customers.

Database Architect
Symbiot, Inc. (http://symbiot.com) (Austin, Texas)
November 2003-May 2005

Responsible for all aspects of the database embedded in Symbiot's various internet security products. Went from full-time to contractor status in August of 2004.


Database Consultant
Momentum Software (http://momentumsoftware.com) (Austin, Texas)
May 2003-November 2003

Various consulting assignments


Lead Database Architect
United Devices (http://ud.com) (Austin, Texas)
December 2000-February 2003

Responsible for all aspects of the database embedded in MetaProcessor software, the largest GRID/distributed computing platform currently in existence. Majority of development was done in IBM DB2, but the database is designed for implementation on DB2, Oracle, and MS SQL.


Design Engineer
Motorola, Inc. (Electrical Engineering position) (Northbrook, Illinois)
August 1997-June 2000

Designed system architecture for next-generation Powertrain Control Module, changing from an 8086 based CPU to a PowerPC based CPU, as well as changing to several new custom ICs. Responsible for electrical design of the PCM.


Business Partner
Underground Sound and Lighting, Ltd. (Chicago, Illinois)
August 1992-December 1998

Started as a student group at IIT, in 1995 myself and two others incorporated and purchased $50,000 of equipment. We provided sound and lighting services to several bands and bars in the Chicago area, as well as Loyola University.

Database Developer
Motorola, Inc. (Electrical Engineering position) (Northbrook, Illinois)
January 1995-August 1997

Started as a CO-OP Electrical Engineering position before going to full-time.


Database Architect
distributed.net (http://distributed.net, volunteer position)
January 1998-Present

distributed.net is the oldest internet-based distributed computing system in existence today.

Work with other volunteers to develop and maintain the statistical system that allows participants to view how much work they've done. I am the primary architect for the statistical database. Additionally, I maintain the processing system which is written in Perl, and help maintain the PHP website code. I am currently serving on the board of directors.