June 15th, 2000 Flight

Flight Information

This was basically an IFR cross-country. We started at Palwaukee, got above the clouds once we were clear of O'Hares airspace, then went IFR to Rockford. At Rockford we shot two ILS approaches then flew IFR back to Palwaukee.

The Pictures

Breaking through the clouds. Also got some nice pics looking down through the clouds, as well as some other shots of the ground.

Got some nice pics while we were out at Rockford.

Here's a photo of our wing while we were in the clouds... gives you and idea how little you can see. You couldn't even see the end of the wing.

While we were on final for 24 at Palwaukee I grabbed a shot of an area pool.

Aside from the aerial shots, I also got some neat stuff on the ground. Several shots of the Fox News Helecopter in flight and on the ground. An old twin tail-dragger that looks like something out of Indiana Jones. Scott's instructor, John, said it was a Beechcraft.